Balbriggan: +353 1 9680402. Malahide: +353 1 8456434.

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Superbly equipped facilities in
Balbriggan and Malahide.

Offering a unique gym experience.

Offering a full range of studio classes daily.

All designed to inspire and challenge you.

Flexible membership packages that can be paused or cancelled with ease

with unlimited monthly options from €30

Your membership also includes

a full screening, a tailored programme
and regular reassessments

Dedicated hot yoga studio in our Balbriggan gym.

With classes seven days a week.

Our Services

  • Modern Gyms

    Whether your interest is strength training, fat loss, studio classes, hot yoga, TRX or just keeping fit and healthy, then we are the gym for you.

  • Strength Equipment

    Our gyms include the most extensive range of strength equipment of any gyms in our locations, and we have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced trainers around.

  • Cardio

    Our state-of-the-art cardio equipment includes treadmills, rowers, cross trainers, bikes and steppers.

  • Studio Classes

    Our instructors will guide you through a full range of studio classes; which include pilates, kettlebells, spinning, toning, circuit and abs classes.

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  • TRX Training

    Dedicated TRX studio in our Balbriggan gym with classes available to members and non-members. TRX allows the user to work against their own body weight using a system of suspended ropes.

  • Hot Yoga

    We are one of the only gyms in the country with a dedicated hot yoga studio. Our yoga is performed in a beautiful custom built studio, in temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees C.

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Let us help you get there

At Platinum Gyms we know that regular exercise boosts your mental and physical health, improves your overall quality of life, and helps you look and feel your best. We have created two great gyms with friendly and motivating atmospheres, with all of the facilities and supports necessary for you to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Our Four Stage Approach

    At Platinum Gyms we have a unique approach to gym instruction and to ensuring you achieve the results you want. Our approach is unlike all other gyms - where a similar service would cost you substantially.

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  • Personal Training

    One-to-one and group personal training is available. Our trainers work closely with you, providing you with nutritional guidance, and helping to educate, motivate, and assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

  • 6 Week NewYou! Porgramme

    The most dynamic, professional,
    results driven and comprehensive six week health and wellbeing programme is available at Platinum Gyms.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday: 6.00am – 10pm.
Friday: 6.00am – 9pm.
Saturday: 8am -6pm Sunday: 9am - 6pm
Bank Holidays: 9am – 4pm.

Why join Platinum Gyms

• Superbly equipped gyms with great atmospheres where, with a bit of hard work and a little guidance, you will get to where you want.

• State-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment. Our strength equipment is recommended by some of the world’s leading strength trainers.

• Unique approach to gym instruction with ongoing monitoring, assessment and guidance.

• Dedicated studios with an extensive range of classes weekly, including kettlbells, pilates, toning and abs classes.

• Flexible monthly memberships with no requirement to stay for any set period. Direct debits can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

• Memberships paid upfront can be paused and restarted with ease and at no charge.

• Friendly staff, with extensive fitness expertise, committed to ensuring you get the most from your time in the gym.

Membership fees & Online Shop

A full list of our membership rates is available HERE.
If you would like to purchse a membership package online then visit our shop HERE.

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